Moving Back Home

December 18, 2013

After some time away, I have brought MODU’s Musings back home to  After not being able to use my private site as often as I’d like, I determined it wasn’t worth paying for the hosting fees.  (Real life has a way of taking away your free time.)

I went to Cosmetology school to become an Astronaut

October 12, 2010

You have to love the English language, especially when it comes to space humor.  This all started with a recent article entitles “Uranus in Collision.”  While the planet Uranus has been the butt of many jokes, it always seems to be funny.  In this case, the Uranus in question is actually the YM Uranus – an oil tanker.  It collided with a Panamanian vessel off the coast of France back on October 8th.

So, in honor of Uranus, here are some more corny space-related humor for your entertainment:

1)  What do you mean they’re from makeup schools?  I thought Cosmetologists were Russian astronauts!

2)  What did the astronaut see in his skillet?  An UFO (Unidentified Frying Object).

3)  If runners get athletes foot, do astronauts get “missile toe?”

4)  Why did the aliens invade the computer room?  To hang out at the Space Bar.

5)  How do you get a baby astronaut to fall asleep?  You rocket.

6)  When pestered by his wife as to why he was going to the Space Station, the Astronaut responded by saying he needed his space.

7)  Why aren’t astronauts hungry after they blast off into space? Because they just had a big launch!

Ok space cadets, enough out-of-this-world humor for you today.  Time to come back down to Earth!

Featured Content

June 6, 2010

With the reformatting of the Blog Now website, I have created a section called “Featured Content.”  If you will note below, there is a section on the left-hand side of the page with icons.  These are long-running or special articles that I want to highlight for you.  This includes my on-going Adventures in Landscaping, my little online novel called “Darkness,” and more.  My hope is that you will examine these sections over time.

New Theme

June 2, 2010

Please pardon the mess.  In the process of rebuilding the site, I’ve decided to change how I present the data on the home page.  Since I have certain sections of the site that I want to highlight (without flooding you with page tabs), I am going to create special featured sections that are always visible from the home page.  This will take some time, so the site is not going to look “finished” for a while.  Please be patient.

Back up and running

May 31, 2010

The site is back up and running.  Just need some cosmetic changes (but that is Monday’s job).

GoldenRest Valentine’s Day Sale

February 14, 2010

GoldenRest Adjustable Beds

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the good folks over at GoldenRest have a very special offer for you.  GoldenRest is offering you $50 off any bedding or accessories during the month of February if you purchase an adjustable bed.  Buying a new bed is a sizable purchase, so start your research on the bed models available out there by visiting GoldenRest first.  In addition, they carry a wide array of linens, pillows, and more that you can purchase for your existing bedroom furniture.

Time is running out.  There is only two weeks remaining until this special offer comes to an end.  So check out the GoldenRest Valentines Promotion today and get your $50 off today!

Phone Cards for the Troops

November 14, 2009

E.T. phoned home. Why can’t the troops?

Why don’t you lend our troops fighting in the Middle East a hand by donating phone cards to them this holiday season. While you are home with your families and friends, our troops are separated by thousands of miles from theirs. A phone call home on Christmas Day might make a world of difference to them.

The USO and AAFES organizations are coordinating efforts for you to donate funds to this worthy cause. Just visit their websites and follow the instructions. There is no limit to how much you can donate.

Give the gift of happiness and love this year. Donate a phone card to our Troops this holiday season.