Product Test: Exploring Neobux

June 11, 2012

“Where have you been?”

Sorry everyone.  I know I haven’t been too chatty on here lately, and I apologize.  As far as where I’ve been, the answer is “everywhere”.  One of those places is the service I want to introduce to you.

Neobux is a PTC – a paid to click – service where you click on ads in exchange for payment (between 0.1 cents to 2 cents per ad).  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have seen users who have earned a few thousands of dollars through this service.  But before I encourage you to sign up, I wanted to try it out first.

I registered with Neobux on 5/30/2012, and after my first 11 days, I have:

Advertisements seen:  321
NeoPoints received:  341
Money earned:  $0.722 (an average of 0.25 cents per ad)

I know $0.722 doesn’t sound like much, but the real money potential comes from having referrals.  With most advertising sites relying on referrals, you were forced to go out and ask your friends to sign up and/or rely on third-party individuals blindly signing up under your referral link.  Neobux is different.

With Neobux, you can “rent” referrals to earn money for you.  Starting at 60 cents, you can rent as few as 3 referrals at a time.  As long as they are clicking on ads, you are making money.  Unfortunately, sometimes you have referrals that are inactive.  Don’t worry.  You can “recycle” these referrals for new ones that are more active.  Can you recycle your friends that register as a courtesy to you but never actually use the service?

I’m not going to recommend you signing up for Neobux yet.  I’m a waiting to save up $1.00 (probably by Friday at this rate) before I rent my first referrals.  After two weeks, I’ll reassess how much money I have made (or lost) to see if it is worth to continue using the site for another month.  So check back each weekend to check out my progress.