Jets win without Sanchez or Tebow!

December 2, 2012

As you know, I’m a NY Giants guy. I love me boys in blue, but I also like the Jets. Not because of who is on their team, but because Bill Parcells use to be their head coach. Even though he’s been gone from the team for years, I still keep hoping they win, especially if it means that we could see a NY Giants/NY Jets Superbowl!

With that aside, I think the worst game of the week has to be today’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets. Not because the score was only 6 to 7 with the Jets winning by a lone touchdown, but because the Jets had to pull Mark Sanchez after throwing 3 intercepts (and possibly the season). Tim Tebow was out due to a rib injury, so the Jet’s had to bring in Greg McElroy to lead the team to victory. The rookie threw for only 5 completions for 29 yards, but that was enough to score the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals are no better off since they are playing rookie Quarterback Rindley behind center in his second start trying to keep the team out of the basement of the NFC West. Starting Quarterback Kevin Kolb is injured, and backup QB John Skelton has been benched because he couldn’t help stop the losing streak of the Cardinals started in Week 5.

With both teams playing their third-string rookies, they totaled 101 yards combined; 198 if you include the yards by Mark Sanchez. 198 yards is what you would expect from a single QB after four quarters, not from three (with one being the starter). Injuries suck, and I never want to see a player go down, but I would expect that with all the money being paid to the players out there, the back-ups would at least be able to break 100 yards.

Let’s see what happens next week.

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