2012: The next six-week challenge

March 5, 2012

It’s 2012, so I’m due to start working on my next six-week challenge.  I’ve managed to keep the weight off that I lost last year while training for the Tough Mudder, so the new challenge would take me down near 190 pounds.  A year ago I thought getting down to 195 pounds was almost impossible since I wasn’t successful in prior challenges, so to think I could get down to 190 pounds back then wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind.  Now that I know losing weight is possible, 190 pounds is definitely reachable.

My friends have asked if I would do the Tough Mudder again this year, and I’m not 100% sure that I would.  It was fun, but it was brutal as well.  We’ll see.  But in 2012, I think I want to get away from the running aspect for something that’s easier on my knee and hip (issues that I had problems with last year).  I’m currently leaning towards retiring my 20+ year old bicycle for a new one that better fits my body.  There are plenty of hills around in my area, so it wouldn’t be an easy ride by any means.

Of course, there’s another way I could lose five pounds, and that would be by changing my eating habits.  While I eat well, there are things that I could change in order to easily shed some weight.  My friend that did the Tough Mudder with me always said “Just think of how much lighter you’d be now by eating better!”  I’ve been working on that as part of my New Years resolution, but not a major change.  Another  thing I could do is one of those clean detox programs.  Some are done by following a strict diet for a few weeks, while others are done with supplements.  While this is a good process to clean your insides and lose weight, it doesn’t fall within my exercise concept.  Maybe I could consider trying this after the six-week challenge to see which of the two had the better results.

I don’t have a date yet as to when I’ll start the challenge, but I will keep you posted.