Video: Steam Train Comes to Kyle of Lochalsh

April 30, 2009

Kyle of Lochalsh is a small village in the Northwest of Scotland.  It is served by the Kyle of Lochalsh Line, connecting the village to the town of Dingwall.  This link will take you to homepage for the village of Lochalsh, where they have a video of a 2-6-0 Steam Locomotive approaching.

Here is a still image of the train.

Steam Train Comes to Kyle of Lochalsh

Steam Train Comes to Kyle of Lochalsh


Photo: Steam locomotive chugging across a Patagonia plain

April 28, 2009

What better way to start off the website that with a photo? The graphic in my header comes from the National Geographic. According to their website, this photo by Peter Essick shows a South American steam locomotive pulling two passenger cars accross the Patagonia plain. This region covers portions of Argentina and Chile.

Steam locomotive chugging across a Patagonia plain

Steam locomotive chugging across a Patagonia plain

Four weeks down

April 26, 2009

Hey there folks. Four weeks are now down, and so are my measurements!

Weight: 202 lbs
Measure Point 1: 40.00 inches
Measure Point 2: 38.5 inches
Measure Point 3: 42.42 inches

Measurements for week 4 (Click to enlarge)

Measurements for week 4 (Click to enlarge)

Ok, so they weren’t major drops, but it is a nice correction from last week. I am beginning to doubt if I will reach 197 lbs by the end of the challenge. While it is possible to lose 5 lbs in two weeks, it might take more than what is on the routine schedule. I will not quit though.

Yesterday, it was such a nice day outside that I spent a few hours working in the yard. I think doing the pile squats came in handy as I was bent down and scooping leaves into the trash bags. I say this since the back of my legs are sore, but I am sure they would feel worse without the exercises over the past four weeks.

We’ll see what this week holds in store. Take care folks, and have a great night!

Measurements after week 3

April 19, 2009

Weight: 203 lbs
Measure Point 1: 40.08 inches
Measure Point 2: 38.67 inches
Measure Point 3: 42.50 inches

Measurements for week 3 (Click to enlarge)

Measurements for week 3 (Click to enlarge)

All three measure points returned to their position after the first week. While this is a good sign for measure point 3, it reduces the gains I made in measure points 1 and 2. And once again, my weight did not change. Three more weeks to see if I can get my weight down to 197 lbs and achieve the initial objective of the challenge.

After week two

April 12, 2009

Weight: 203 lbs
Measure point 1: 39.67 inches
Measure point 2: 38.5 inches
Measure point 3: 42.83 inches

Measurements for week 2 (Click to enlarge)

Measurements for week 2 (Click to enlarge)

Measure point 1 (stomach) dropped once again, so maybe the initial measurement was flawed. However, I did gain a pound since last week. This might be due to increased muscle gain, or maybe it has to do with the number of jelly beans I have consumed over the weekend.

In week one I added an additional exercise to the routine, and I think that played a significant role into why my legs were sore Monday and Tuesday. I also noted that the days after I do the long arm crunch, my biceps would be sore as well. That might be the result of me trying to keep my arms straight and in-line with my back, but I am not sure. I will keep an eye on that.

With this being week two, I am adding another exercise to the two routines. Routine A will have the bicycle crunch added, and Routine B will have the reverse crunch added. While I enjoy seeing the measurements decrease in size, I am hoping to see the weight begin to decrease. Four more weeks to go.

After the first week

April 5, 2009

One week has passed, so it is time to check out the stats to see if there has been any change.

Weight: 202 lbs
Measure point 1: 39.92 inches
Measure point 2: 38.75 inches
Measure point 3: 42.42 inches

Other than measure point 1, there wasn’t much of a change following the first week. This was expected, since the muscle groups haven’t been fully challenged yet. Add in the interruptions into my planned workout schedule this week, that would have added additional doubt into my though about any increases or decreases in the measurements above. However, the one-inch decrease in measure point 1 is curious.

Last week, measure point 1 was 40.92 inches (average), and this week it is down to 39.92 inches. Could I have been retaining extra water last week when I took the measurements? Was it just an erroneous set of measurements? Did I actually burn one inch of fat with my plan?

To track these changes, I have created the graph below. The three different colored lines represent the three measure points described earlier. If there is an erroneous measurement for measure point 1, it should become obvious over the next two weeks.

Measurements for Week 1

Measurements for Week 1 (Click to enlarge)

Midpoint week one

April 1, 2009

I don’t believe I covered this earlier, but I do plan to have two days off during the challenge to allow the body a chance to recover. The two days are Wednesday and Saturday. I chose Saturday since it is usually a busy day for me. Wednesday was more of an arbitrary day, but it seemed to be practical since it is the midpoint of the week.

This week has not quite gone as plan. Sunday was the kick-off of my personal challenge to lose five pounds, and that went well. Monday, however, I was derailed due to a pleasant evening and a need to treat my lawn for Spring. While the process of pushing the spreader around the lawn doesn’t target the muscle groups highlighted in the challenge, I gave it a pass as a form of exercise. Then yesterday afternoon came, and I found my plan for continuing with the exercise placed on hold … again. Fortunately, I spent the evening helping someone pack-up their home so they could move. I therefore count those 90 minutes as a suitable alternative due to the lifting and carrying of medium and heavy items.

Tomorrow … knock on wood … I will finally be able to start Routine B.