Happy Thanksgiving, Web 2.0 style

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope that you have a wonderful day with your friend and family, and if you are traveling, may you get to your destination safely (and with minimal traffic).

One of the nice things about the “new world” we live in is that we are all connected by the internet. In the past, we would have to send greeting cards to everyone a week in advance, or make expensive long-distance phone calls on a very busy day. But now, with the advancement of social networking services such as Skype and Facebook, not only can we send instant messages to our friends and families, we can also do it “face-to-face” with video chat. However you choose to share your greetings with others, may you do so today. And if you happen to receive similar greetings, be sure to respond in kind.

Happy Thanksgiving!


November 25, 2010

Each season brings its own unique beauty.  While my favorite season is Winter (because I love snow), there’s nothing quite like the glow of Autumn.  If only the leaves wouldn’t fall from the trees making hours of work for me each weekend.

Below is a collection of my favorite Autumn photo’s I’ve taken so far.  Enjoy!

What do Norwegian Cruise Line, Halifax, and Trent Jordan Vancouver tours all have in common?

November 13, 2010

What do Norwegian Cruise Line, Halifax, and Trent Jordan Vancouver tours all have in common? The obvious answer is “Canada,” but that’s not the answer I’m looking for. The real answer is “How and where my friends are visiting Canada this Fall.”

For some reason, Canada seems to be the place that everyone is going this year. They’re exploring our Northern neighbor, from Peggy’s Cove to the Olympic Village in Vancouver, and everywhere in between. They’re going there by plane, car, and cruise ship. And … most importantly, they’re having a great time.

While walking the historic waterfront streets in Halifax during a port call by a NCL ship or a personal whale watching trip hosted by Trent Jordan Vancouver tours sound like fun, there is only one way I want to see Canada – by rail!

I could easily spend a week or two riding the VIA Rail between Vancouver and Halifax, taking in the natural beauty of the Country. With stops in places like Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and more, I could get a good mix of rural and urban Canada. And, to complete the trip, I’ll upload my Gordon Lightfoot CD to my mp3 player and listen to his “Railroad Trilogy” as we roll along.

However you visit Canada, I hope you have a great time and enjoy your stay. It is a beautiful (and friendly) country.

EVE Online

November 11, 2010

Last week, I went out of town on vacation to kick back and try to forget about work for a while.  As usual, I took with me my computer and a stack of computer games that I haven’t had a chance to play in a while.  While flipping through my game collection, I stumbled across my copy of EVE Online.

EVE Online is a multi-player online game that takes place very far in the future.  In your classic rags-to-riches story, you start off with the basics: a few dollars and a tiny little space ship.  As you progress in the game, you improve your skills (real-time based), improve your space ship, and improve your bank account.  You can earn money through selling raw minerals that you mine from asteroid belts, from supplies you steal from competitors, or (if you join a corporation) from selling new space ships to those that can afford them.

One of my favorite aspects of the game is what you do before the game begins.  After creating your username, you get to create your avatar.  In the most advanced platform that I have ever seen, you can create your character to look anyway you like.  You can even control the position of the lighting on your character and the background to give your avatar additional personality.  The graphics quality continues outside of the avatar development stage.  As you travel to different worlds, you will be impressed by the fine-art quality of the environments you find your ship traveling through.  Planets look like they pop right out of your screen, while galaxies glow with their radiant beauty.

When I last played, I teamed up with a few of my coworkers to start our own corporation.  When we weren’t searching for rare raw materials to build our advanced space ships, we were engaging in coordinated attacks on other corporations and syndicates that were trying to infiltrate our territories.  And since the game is ever-changing with new players, the game continues without end.

Loading the game back on my computer, I discovered that they are offering a 14-day free trial for new users.  If you love space, strategy, and/or economic games, I highly recommend you give the game a try.  Once you’re in, do a search for MODU when you move from galaxy to galaxy.  You just might find me taking on some pirates … and I can definitely use your help.

-ing, a poem

November 10, 2010

There comes a time for us to fight
another time to just sit tight
because time itself is never ending.

But when these times come to pass
you feel like you’re out of gas
No wonder you have trouble standing.

It’s not your time to control
but rather just play your role
in the game that life is playing

You must free your mind
you must learn to be kind
and shake the hand that’s extending

You may ask why I write this poem
while you read it at home
but is the question worth asking?

It’s just my little way
for me to creatively say
this message worth revealing.

Author unknown

Technology does not like me

November 3, 2010

Do you ever feel that something (or someone) is out to get you?  I can’t say for sure that is my case recently, but in three days, I’ve had three significant events dealing with a loss of access to technology.

On Sunday, while enjoying a wonderful Halloween day out at the park, my digital camera met an untimely end when it was bumped out of my hand and landed face-first on the ground.  The impact knocked the retractable lens out of alignment, making it impossible for it to retract or extend properly.  Sensing this damage, the camera no longer allows me to take photos (though it did allow me to view the existing photos and download them to my computer).

On Monday, my access to the internet was interrupted, resulting in a midnight phone call to the provider to get the provider.  Needing internet access so I can do my job, it was imperative that connectivity be restored as soon as possible.  Fortunately at 12:18am, the technician was able to fix the problem on her.

Not to be outdone, Tuesday night brought forth a critical failure of the database for my political website.  Being election night (the most important night of the year for the site), it was only fitting that the technology bug knocked my site offline for almost 4 hours.  At 1:56am this morning, I received a call from the host saying that the problem has been repaired and the site was back up and running.

The old saying is that “everything happens in 3’s.”  Hopefully that is the case.  I’m not sure I want to see what the fourth straight day of technology hell might bring.