Fun stat for the night (NY Giants)

October 26, 2010

The New York Giants had a little lockerroom drama earlier in the season between Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.  Jacobs, not being happy with being demoted to the role of back-up, showed his emotion in and out of the lockerroom, ending with his helmet flying up into the stands during their game against the Colts.  Well, tonight it looks like things are balancing out for the former Superbowl team.

During the second quarter, the stats for both men were:  7 carries, 35 yards, longest run for 9 yards.  You can’t get more balanced than that.

Riding on the Little Yellow Train

October 25, 2010

On October 16th, I had the rare pleasure to take a trip on the “Little Yellow Train” on a foliage ride. Operated by the Rappahannock Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society (NRHS), the Little Yellow Train is a combination of three maintenance cars linked with two small engines. The original role of these cars were to transport rail workers when tracks were being laid but now transport visitors on short trips to enjoy the beauty of the season by rail. The pieces of rolling stock are:

Engine: Chesapeake & Ohio Motor Car built by Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc.
Engine: Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Motor Car built by Northwestern Railroad Company
Car: Baltimore & Ohio PCT-501
Car: Tool Car formerly operated by the Spotsylvania County Industrial Park

The leaves hadn’t quite started to turn to enjoy the colors of the season, but that didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the ride on the rails. The trip started with the RF&P Motor Car pulling the train down the tracks. Listening to the rhythm of the track as we chugged along through the trees was a real treat. As we reached the midpoint of the trip, the hosts stopped the train to describe the role these little trains served over the decades as well as some history of the region during the Civil War.

Once the host concluded his remarks, the C&O Motor Car took over, taking us back down the track we just traveled. On both legs of the trek, we had to cross the road. With this being a small private train, the crossing gates had to be activated manually. This required the train to come to a complete stop, make the transit across the street, and stop again so the engineer could get back on board.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Fredericksburg, VA, take a moment to visit the Rappahannock Chapter of the NHRS. In addition to their Little Yellow Train, they also have a small collection of other pieces of rolling stock (including four pieces linked together as a museum).

Political Yard Signs

October 14, 2010

Most seasons in the United States come with artful decorations in the yard. Halloween (my favorite holiday) has pumpkins, scarecrows, and maybe a headstone or two. Christmas has holiday lights and reindeer made out of twigs. With Easter comes the pastel flowers and cut-outs of the Easter Bunny. The election season isn’t any different. With a drive down any neighborhood, you are bound to find at least one campaign sign showing support for a political candidate or a specific issue.

Sadly, Independent or third-party candidates rarely have signs available for their candidates, even if only to be placed on the roadside near the polling stations. So how is an interested voter suppose to show their support for one of these candidates, especially if the candidate is running a small budget campaign? Doing a little search online, there are many online printing services available that can print yard signs for an affordable price.

For example, on you can purchase an 18″ x 12″ sign for as low as $6.00. With their online graphic editor, you can upload any graphic, write your own message, and select from over 20 available fonts. What better way to help out your candidate than purchasing your own sign for your neighbors to see?

Keep this in mind for when the 2012 election season begins. If you do not like the choices being presented to you by the Republicans and Democrats, go out and make a statement by creating your own political yard sign for the candidate you hope will win. You can make the difference.

Make Money Online: Searching for the right host

October 14, 2010

In order to take advantage of the financial potential of the internet, the first thing you need to do is stake out your claim. Blog-Now is just one of a handful of sites I operate, and I don’t have to pay for it. Well, technically, I don’t pay for it out of pocket. The hosting service I use offers their service to me at such a low price that the revenue I generate from my websites cover all of my monthly hosting fees. So how do you find out which host is the best one for the buck?

I put in a lot of research a few years back, identifying which hosts provided the needed services that I required for my site. These days, however, you just need to look in just one spot. There are a handful of sites, such as VPS web hosting that provides you all of the data you need on multiple hosting sites in one convenient location. With just one click, you can see the monthly cost for the service, customer reviews, and links that take you to the hosting site so you can find detailed information on their service.

Unless you know that your site is going to have a lot of activity (such as a download site), I recommend starting small look for the best bargain. You can always grow your hosting service as your website grows. And moving from one host to another has become easier over the years, so you when you are ready to make a move, you can revisit sites such as VPS web hosting to see what options you have.

I went to Cosmetology school to become an Astronaut

October 12, 2010

You have to love the English language, especially when it comes to space humor.  This all started with a recent article entitles “Uranus in Collision.”  While the planet Uranus has been the butt of many jokes, it always seems to be funny.  In this case, the Uranus in question is actually the YM Uranus – an oil tanker.  It collided with a Panamanian vessel off the coast of France back on October 8th.

So, in honor of Uranus, here are some more corny space-related humor for your entertainment:

1)  What do you mean they’re from makeup schools?  I thought Cosmetologists were Russian astronauts!

2)  What did the astronaut see in his skillet?  An UFO (Unidentified Frying Object).

3)  If runners get athletes foot, do astronauts get “missile toe?”

4)  Why did the aliens invade the computer room?  To hang out at the Space Bar.

5)  How do you get a baby astronaut to fall asleep?  You rocket.

6)  When pestered by his wife as to why he was going to the Space Station, the Astronaut responded by saying he needed his space.

7)  Why aren’t astronauts hungry after they blast off into space? Because they just had a big launch!

Ok space cadets, enough out-of-this-world humor for you today.  Time to come back down to Earth!

Online Games: Sieger

October 7, 2010

For those of you who love to play online flash games, I have one for you. ” Sieger ” by Armor Games is a demolition game.  The goal is for you to attack a castle with various ammo to destroy the enemy.  You are offered stone projectiles, poison rounds, as well as explosive shells.  In some instances, not only do you have to kill the enemy, but you also have to save the hostages.  This adds an increased level of difficulty.

The pre-made levels are are fairly straight forward, allowing you to win “gold” on each map.  The real challenge comes when you play the custom-made maps by fellow gamers.  With an endless supply of new maps, you can play for hours without playing the same map twice.  And, if you are adventurous, you can build you own!

That is what I did.  Below you will find screen shots and links to my first two maps made for this game.  The first map is a traditional castle with a single hostage.  The second map is a throwback to my history of sailing on commercial ships … an oil tanker.  Yes, it’s a bit primitive, but it is also one of a kind!  Click on the links below to play.  ENJOY!

Map 1:  MODUs First (Click here to play)

Map 2:  MODUs Second – Tanker (Click here to play)