Games: Sudoku

December 27, 2006

Sudoku:  Many of you by now have either played Sudoku or know of the game.  If you haven’t, Sudoku is a numeric puzzle game traditionally consisting of a 81-block table (9 rows and 9 columns), grouped into 9 sets.  See below for a sample:

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Games page: Second Life

November 28, 2006

Second Life:  For those who are not aware, there is another world that exists, where over a million people live and thrive, and it is closer than you think.  This world is one which you can see but not touch, since it exists only in cyberspace.  Second Life if the creation of Linden Lab, a San Francisco company which has generated a 3-D virtual world where millions of people and companies interact with each other to live out a life of your own choosing.  Unlike other online games, Second Life offers a unique twist: the money you earn in the virtual world can be cashed out and converted into real US dollars.  That’s right.  Whatever money you make in this online game can make you rich in real life.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Ailin Graef.  She is Second Life’s first real world millionaire (read the news article). Read the rest of this entry »

Games page: Railroad Tycoon III

November 21, 2006

Railroad Tycoon III – As you might be able to tell from one of my prior posts on the blog, I am a big railroad fan.  In my eyes, there is nothing more impressive than the engineering behind your classic steam locomotive nor the tracks laid by hard working men across some of the worst terrains.  So it is only logical that I would be a fan of Railroad Tycoon III.  I also own Railroad Tycoon II (plus expansion pack), and while I played it for years, it pales in comparison to the added abilities in the new version (as well as the fantastic 3-D graphics).

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Games page: Counter-strike

November 18, 2006

Counter-strike – When I am not playing Civilization III, I can be found running around the virtual world with knife in hand (after all, you always run faster with a knife) playing Counter-strike with my fellow clan members.  Counter-strike is a first-person based battle game where you assume the role of a terrorist or counter-terrorist and work together with your team to achieve a goal (rescue hostages, bomb a target, kill your enemies).  Counter-strike is built using the Half-Life engine created by Valve SoftwareRead the rest of this entry »

Games page: Civilization III

November 18, 2006

Civilization III – There are currently four main versions of Sid Meier’s award winning Civilization series, however Civilization III is my favorite. I was first introduced to Civilization back in 1991 and became instantly hooked. Every free moment I found in the day was dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the game in order to dominate my opponents as fast as possible in order to rule the world. In 1997, I picked up Civilization II and fell in love again, though there seemed to be something missing from the game. It played similar to the original version with a few added technological advances and civilization developments, but the desire I had to “waste my life away” as I did with the first version was just not there. Fortunately, I just had to wait four short years to have the desire once again. Read the rest of this entry »