Jets win without Sanchez or Tebow!

December 2, 2012

As you know, I’m a NY Giants guy. I love me boys in blue, but I also like the Jets. Not because of who is on their team, but because Bill Parcells use to be their head coach. Even though he’s been gone from the team for years, I still keep hoping they win, especially if it means that we could see a NY Giants/NY Jets Superbowl!

With that aside, I think the worst game of the week has to be today’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets. Not because the score was only 6 to 7 with the Jets winning by a lone touchdown, but because the Jets had to pull Mark Sanchez after throwing 3 intercepts (and possibly the season). Tim Tebow was out due to a rib injury, so the Jet’s had to bring in Greg McElroy to lead the team to victory. The rookie threw for only 5 completions for 29 yards, but that was enough to score the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals are no better off since they are playing rookie Quarterback Rindley behind center in his second start trying to keep the team out of the basement of the NFC West. Starting Quarterback Kevin Kolb is injured, and backup QB John Skelton has been benched because he couldn’t help stop the losing streak of the Cardinals started in Week 5.

With both teams playing their third-string rookies, they totaled 101 yards combined; 198 if you include the yards by Mark Sanchez. 198 yards is what you would expect from a single QB after four quarters, not from three (with one being the starter). Injuries suck, and I never want to see a player go down, but I would expect that with all the money being paid to the players out there, the back-ups would at least be able to break 100 yards.

Let’s see what happens next week.

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Is Eli an Elite Quarterback?

August 18, 2011

Sports Illustrated had an article on their site today talking about a recent interview Eli Manning had on a radio program.  He was asked if he considered himself to be in the same elite class of Quarterbacks as Tom Brady (who Eli and the Giants defeated in the Superbowl a few years back).  Naturally, Eli did say he’s in the same class, and that’s to be expected from an NFL star.  Of course, he’s received a lot of grief by his critics and the media, as covered in SI’s article “The never-ending debate over Eli Manning.”

He has his problems, but he’s undervalued as well. One of the problems plaguing Eli (and the Giants in general) is their WR position. Look at the point leaders of the WRs over the past few years.

2010 WRs: Nicks, Manningham, Smith (Smith injured)
2009 WRs: Smith, Nicks, Manningham (Nicks and Manninghams’ second year)
2008 WRs: Toomer, Burress, Hixon
2007 WRs: Burress, Toomer, Moss
2006 WRs: Burress, Toomer, Carter

Burress and Toomer were Eli’s go-to guys for much of his high-point years (so far), with Smith taking over that role (almost solely) in 2009. These three WRs compensated for Eli’s sling-and-pray throwing style. Eli knew they would catch the ball, and the WR’s knew when to expect the ball to come their way.

In 2009, Eli was fortunate to have two raw receivers step up to fill the gap with Nicks and Manningham, though both didn’t play a full season. In 2010, Smith, Nicks, and Manningham all returned, but only Manningham played a full season. The lack of time on field with Nicks and Manningham (plus 4 green WR’s becoming starters in 2010 due to all the injuries) hurt the chemistry between them and Eli, which is why we saw so many “should have caught that ball” moments, with more than a few landing in the defenses hands.

“CAN” Eli become “elite?” It depends on your definition, but he definitely does have room to improve. John Elway wasn’t considered elite until near the end of his career, and a lot of that came with finding the right chemistry with the right personnel. If Manningham and/or Nicks stay healthy enough to mature into the next Burress, Eli might see his on-field performance improve (he does have great stats under the large turn-over figure). Then again, he simply might end up taking the Brett Favre path of “turnovers be damned.” Favre had 1.51 Touchdowns for every interception he threw. Eli is currently at 1.38 touchdowns for every interception. Of course, Elway had 1.33 touchdowns for every interception.

Darn it, NFL!

March 15, 2011

Well, the talks didn’t conclude on a positive note, and now the NFL Union has filed to decertify and some of the players are filing an anti-trust lawsuit against the league.  This is definitely putting a damper on my hopes for the Giants returning to the Superbowl this season.  However, there is always a chance that the two sides can reach an agreement, though I don’t think it will be before the draft begins.  But why should there be a draft if there won’t be a season?  Some else who is smarter than me will have to answer that one.

So what should I do this year if there isn’t football?  Basketball will be over (though I can’t stand watching that on TV).  Baseball?  Boring!  Golf?  That has potential, but only if I am playing and the weather is nice outside.  Maybe I should download some football coaching videos, just in case the players start up their own impromptu league and they need someone to stand on the sideline with a clipboard!

In any case, I am highly disappointed with the NFL.  They are definitely ruining my plans!

Will There be Football Next Year?

March 10, 2011

The clock is ticking. The representatives from each side are stating their positions as well as their demands. Neither side is budging. No, this isn’t the Congress, and I’m not talking about the budget. This is the NFL, and the owners and players union are trying to overcome their impasse to avoid a lockout of the 2011-2012 season.

As you know, I love professional football. Not including the Olympics, it is the only sport I look forward to each year. Hockey, baseball, basketball, etc are only interesting in 30-second clips on ESPN, especially when a player makes a major mistake or an incredible play. So the fact that I might miss out of the chance that the New York Giants return to the Super Bowl is very disheartening.

The stalemate between the two sides is, as with most things, over how much money the owners can earn. I do agree that the owners deserve to make money, since they are the ones who risk capital in this major investment that could be very successful (New England Patriots) or perennial losers (Detroit Lions). However, their desire to fill their stadiums with as many people and as often as possible has them wanting to extend the season to 18 games.

On the other hand, the true talent of the sport (the players) are the ones who put their physical lives at risk to entertain us. The leather helmets are out, while the most advanced helmets are in. With the growing awareness of the long-term problems associated with concussions, new helmet designs are being made as well as increased pressure by the coaching staff to sit starters who may have suffered a concussion during the game. With the owners wanting to add two additional games to an already extended schedule, the players are calling foul because they fear their long-term health (and demanding long-term health care coverage).

I don’t know if the two sides will come to an agreement this Friday, or if they will extend the talks even further. I do know that if the owners do get an 18-game season, they need to have two “bye weeks” in order to allow the teams to rest their players and allow them to heal. Also, these bye weeks can’t start in week 4. Seriously? Does it really do a team any favor to have a week off in the fourth week of the season, when there are 13 (or 15, if the season is extended) more games to be played? Bye weeks shouldn’t occur before week 6.

On the flip side, if there is a lock out, player jersey’s might be on sale since we don’t know if the players will return to their current teams. Of course, if you are after Super Bowl goodies, you’ll have an additional year of Green Bay Packers memorabilia to deal with (which is great if you are a fan of the Cheese Heads). Until then, I’ll curl up in my New York Giants Snuggie and wait patiently.


February 6, 2011

Are you ready for some football!?!?!

The game is all set, featuring two old-school teams facing off to become the NFL Champion of the 2010-2011 season.  Since my boys in blue will be watching this game from the comfort of their own homes tonight, I don’t have any particular favorite in tonight’s game.  Both teams have some great strengths and both are equally capable of walking away with a win.  My projection is … well, let’s wait a moment.

First, let’s reflect on my New York Giants.  They could have been in tonight’s game if they didn’t lose in that freaky game against the Philadelphia Eagles two months ago.  However, it was because of their softer playing style this year that kept them from making the playoffs.  If they had the focus that they had at the end of the 2007-2008 season, things could have been a lot different.  Hopefully next season they will get their act together and make another strong run to the playoffs (that is … if there will even be a season next year).

Ok, back to those other two teams.  The Green Bay Packers have three Super Bowl wins, compared to the Pittsburgh Steelers six wins.  If the Packers win, they will move into fourth place of teams with the most Super Bowl wins.  Pittsburgh is trying to extend their legacy with seven wins, placing them two wins ahead of the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers (both teams have five wins).  In watching both teams compete this year, and having many of the Packers stars on my fantasy football team this year, I would have to say the Packers play the more-complete game tonight and win by the score of 27 to 21.

With that out of the way, let’s go back to the Giants.  BIG BLUE!  You will always be champions in my book.  As you can tell from my little make-shift shrine, I love my team.  Ever since 1985, I’ve been a die hard fan.  I cheer for the Buffalo Bills (the only team to go to four consecutive Super Bowls), New York Jets (once coached by Bill Parcells), and New England Patriots (also once coaches by the Tuna), but against the Giants, they pale in comparison.

So while I’m watching the Packers beat the Steelers tonight, I will be surrounded by the best team in the world.  Representing will be my Super Bowl XLII throw blanket, my NY Giants snuggie, my Michael Strahan jersey, autographed photos of Eli Manning and Phil Simms, a copy of the road to Super Bowl XLII, and my mini NY Giants helmet (though I need a mini football helmet display case to keep it in).  Here’s hoping for an awesome game tonight with no injuries and big plays!

An unusual business marriage?

January 22, 2011

Another odd musing by yours truly.

A few weeks back I was watching a program on TV that discussed “Earth-friendly” businesses, and one of them caught my interest. There is a landscaping company in North Carolina that specializes in clearing overgrown brush on large properties, especially on the slopes of hills and mountains. But instead of using laborers with large lawnmowers and other power tools, the man simply uses goats. These eating machines will chew through some of the thickest brush and thorny weeds without complaints. And while it does cost a little more to hire these eco-landscapers, there isn’t any noise pollution nor exhaust being pumped into your backyard while the brush removal is occurring.

I mention the goats because, in the same week of seeing the program, I passed by a parking lot that was advertising yet another interesting business. This business, I think, would be a great partner for anyone hiring goats as landscapers. Called the Pooper Troopers, this company will come out and clean up waste left behind by pets. When you think about it, after a few hours of eating brush, goats will leave behind a lot of waste.

Animal waste can be beneficial to the environment if allowed to naturally mix into the soil and become a part of compost. However, in most residential areas, animal waste can end up coming back into the house through normal foot traffic, spreading bacteria in living spaces and leading to illnesses. So, I would think, businesses similar to the ones mentioned above would make a perfect business marriage: one that creates the mess, and the other that cleans it up! Hopefully they watch their steps though, or at least have good truck floor mats in their work vehicles. If I may recommend, what better floor mat to put your dirty shoes on than that with the Dallas Cowboys logo on it?  Just saying…  🙂

Fun stat for the night (NY Giants)

October 26, 2010

The New York Giants had a little lockerroom drama earlier in the season between Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.  Jacobs, not being happy with being demoted to the role of back-up, showed his emotion in and out of the lockerroom, ending with his helmet flying up into the stands during their game against the Colts.  Well, tonight it looks like things are balancing out for the former Superbowl team.

During the second quarter, the stats for both men were:  7 carries, 35 yards, longest run for 9 yards.  You can’t get more balanced than that.