Where am I?

November 24, 2012

It’s odd how time can fly. You blink twice and the next thing you know half the year has flown by. Sorry for being silent lately.

So where have I been? Well, there was Vacation Bible School (VBS) this past Summer. I spent six weeks designing and building an 8-foot by 3-foot HO-scale train layout for the kids. They loved it! (It is currently sitting behind my chair as I type this.) I will have to upload the photos for you.

There was also my experiment with Neobux. I ended up cashing out $8.76 for only clicking on simple little ads. For the amount of “work” involved, it was a relatively easy $8.76 I’ve made in recent years.

Then of course there was the Presidential Election. Regardless of your political affiliation, Presidential Elections are always fun and exciting. With this being the prime season for my political site, most of my free time was directed there.

So what’s left? We have the holidays coming around, meaning free time will be consumed with either preparations for the holidays (and holiday shopping) and end-of-the-year work at the office. Plus there is all the work at the new house, so I think all my vacation time will be spent scrubbing walls and ceilings rather than enjoying the skyline from Chicago rooftops or nature from mountain camping. Maybe that is what awaits in 2013.

Until then folks, I hope you have a very special holiday season, and may 2013 bring you many good fortunes!