Speechless – haiku

February 25, 2012

Sitting here in thought

Dying to say how I feel

Screaming in silence

– Author unknown


Heart’s Quest – a poem

April 18, 2011

I take one step, to begin my life’s quest,
Looking for answers to my hearts unrest.

Once more I step, as I try to find,
Validation to feelings that fill my mind.

Each step I take, Every answer obtained,
Yields new questions left to be explained.

One last step, my heart reveals to me, this
Underlying message for you to see.

Author unknown

-ing, a poem

November 10, 2010

There comes a time for us to fight
another time to just sit tight
because time itself is never ending.

But when these times come to pass
you feel like you’re out of gas
No wonder you have trouble standing.

It’s not your time to control
but rather just play your role
in the game that life is playing

You must free your mind
you must learn to be kind
and shake the hand that’s extending

You may ask why I write this poem
while you read it at home
but is the question worth asking?

It’s just my little way
for me to creatively say
this message worth revealing.

Author unknown

Respect, a Haiku

August 23, 2010

Regard others highly
Remember others feelings
Remain courteous

Author unknown

You are beautiful

February 14, 2010

It never seems to work out
leaving everything into doubt
you wonder what you’ve done wrong
for being alone for so long

“What is it about me
That I do not see?”
You say with self-introspection
to your mirrored reflection

But baby, you are beautiful

You want someone to care for you
And you can care for them too
Someone that is Heaven-sent
The person whom you are meant

You question if you’ll find
The true love in your mind
So you go about your day
Hoping someone would say

Hey baby, you are beautiful

But before you start to fret
Over someone you’ve never met
There’s an answer to a prayer
When love catches you unaware

For just around the bend
Was love without end
You make each other whole
From the warmth in your soul

Cause baby, you are beautiful

— author unknown