Product Test: Exploring Neobux

June 11, 2012

“Where have you been?”

Sorry everyone.  I know I haven’t been too chatty on here lately, and I apologize.  As far as where I’ve been, the answer is “everywhere”.  One of those places is the service I want to introduce to you.

Neobux is a PTC – a paid to click – service where you click on ads in exchange for payment (between 0.1 cents to 2 cents per ad).  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have seen users who have earned a few thousands of dollars through this service.  But before I encourage you to sign up, I wanted to try it out first.

I registered with Neobux on 5/30/2012, and after my first 11 days, I have:

Advertisements seen:  321
NeoPoints received:  341
Money earned:  $0.722 (an average of 0.25 cents per ad)

I know $0.722 doesn’t sound like much, but the real money potential comes from having referrals.  With most advertising sites relying on referrals, you were forced to go out and ask your friends to sign up and/or rely on third-party individuals blindly signing up under your referral link.  Neobux is different.

With Neobux, you can “rent” referrals to earn money for you.  Starting at 60 cents, you can rent as few as 3 referrals at a time.  As long as they are clicking on ads, you are making money.  Unfortunately, sometimes you have referrals that are inactive.  Don’t worry.  You can “recycle” these referrals for new ones that are more active.  Can you recycle your friends that register as a courtesy to you but never actually use the service?

I’m not going to recommend you signing up for Neobux yet.  I’m a waiting to save up $1.00 (probably by Friday at this rate) before I rent my first referrals.  After two weeks, I’ll reassess how much money I have made (or lost) to see if it is worth to continue using the site for another month.  So check back each weekend to check out my progress.


Money, Money, Money

April 30, 2011

I’m a huge ABBA fan.

That statement alone is enough to make any article complete, but I have a few more minutes to write before my laptop battery dies, so let me expand.  One of ABBA’s biggest hits was a song called “Money, Money, Money.”  In the song, the singer is upset about their current financial position and is dreaming about marrying someone with money to make their life better.  (If you recall my article about the lotto a few months back, even I dream about having more money.)

While marrying someone rich or winning a lotto might make our days “Always sunny,” it is more likely that through practical financial planning that we will be wealthy (or at least wealthier) as we grow older.  So what is financial planning?  In short, it is looking at how much you spend compared to how much you earn.  The less you spend, the more you can save.  With the money you save, you can invest in different ways to grow your nest egg while protecting your financial future.  Much of this can be done by simply balancing your checkbook, using financial advisory tools from your bank, or even using a free budget planner online.

However you choose to track your spending and savings is up to you.  By simply seeing where your money goes can help you make smarter financial decisions.  The same holds true if you run a website and wish to make money off of it.  If you are earning less than what your are spending to run it, then you are on the wrong end of the business (financial) spectrum.  You can always look for hosts that offer lower rates or seek out better working relationships with your advertisers and sellers.

As the song goes:

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain’t it sad
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That’s too bad

If you find yourself in that position, examine your finances and see what you can do to have more at the end of the month. The economy is tight right now, but it will get better. The improvements you make to your spending habits now can definitely help you win the future, and hopefully that will leave you with “Money, Money, Money” by the time you retire.

Make Money Online: Free Blog Themes

January 20, 2011

As you can tell, I did not win the lotto two weeks ago.  In fact, I didn’t even come close.  Oh well, it’s a good thing that my online habits are pretty cheap.  In fact, some of it is FREE!

All the sites that I own and/or administer run on the WordPress platform.  It is a very user-friendly system that allows even the most novice of users put together a professional-looking site.  This is because of the thousands of WordPress themes out there that you can download and experiment with as many times as you like.  This site alone has used over 20 themes in the short amount of time that I’ve owned it.

If you are blogging on a budget, I recommend you use WordPress for all of the free themes available.  With just a click of the mouse, you can turn your site from serious to whimsical and from industrial to artistic.  The ease of adaptability makes WordPress the best platform available (and it’s free as well).

On one of my other sites, I was using free WordPress themes to give the site the feel of reading popular online magazines.  This allowed me to display a lot of headlines at once in a neat/organized manner.  But as the site matured, I decided a more “formal” look was needed, so with a click of the mouse, the site took on more of a newspaper feel with the latest full-length article being displayed instead.

If you want to customize the site to make it look less generic, many free WP themes come with special fields for you to augment the site as you desire.  For example, this current theme allows me to change the photos you see when you first visit the site.  However, if you come back in a few months, you might not see photos at all because I’ve switched themes again!  Other themes allows the user to upload custom graphics to the headers, change the layout, and alter text styles and border colors.

All you need to do is visit the numerous sites that provide you a listing of the free WordPress themes available so you can find a look and style that meets your needs.  You’ll be surprised by what you find.  It’s the new year … why don’t you give your site a new look?

Make Money Online: Searching for the right host

October 14, 2010

In order to take advantage of the financial potential of the internet, the first thing you need to do is stake out your claim. Blog-Now is just one of a handful of sites I operate, and I don’t have to pay for it. Well, technically, I don’t pay for it out of pocket. The hosting service I use offers their service to me at such a low price that the revenue I generate from my websites cover all of my monthly hosting fees. So how do you find out which host is the best one for the buck?

I put in a lot of research a few years back, identifying which hosts provided the needed services that I required for my site. These days, however, you just need to look in just one spot. There are a handful of sites, such as VPS web hosting that provides you all of the data you need on multiple hosting sites in one convenient location. With just one click, you can see the monthly cost for the service, customer reviews, and links that take you to the hosting site so you can find detailed information on their service.

Unless you know that your site is going to have a lot of activity (such as a download site), I recommend starting small look for the best bargain. You can always grow your hosting service as your website grows. And moving from one host to another has become easier over the years, so you when you are ready to make a move, you can revisit sites such as VPS web hosting to see what options you have.

Make Money Online: Blog Hosting Special

July 3, 2010

Continuing with the “Make Money Online” series, I want to help you get started with your web empire. As many of you know, I operate a few separate websites geared towards different interests. With web hosting fees continuing to drop all over the internet, it is becoming more affordable for individuals to stake out their claim online and share their opinions or promote their interests for others to see.

I have come across a website that is offering 1 Year Free Website Hosting for anyone interested in starting their own website. This offer expires on September 30, 2010, so you still have time to take advantage of it. If you are interested, make sure you use promotion code VHP25589.

If you want to start a website on kittens or candy, on airplanes or Aristotle, or anything else you can image, you have 12 months of free web hosting service to start up your site and cement your presence online. If you have an existing site, you can also migrate your site over for free. Remember to use the promotion code if you take advantage of this offer.

Make Money Online: SEO

May 25, 2010

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a website development and management technique to make sure your site reaches the top of the common search engines.  A higher ranking on the search engines means the more likely traffic will be directed to your site.  You can spend a lot of time and effort experimenting on how to maximize your web presence, or you can tap into the resources and experience from a SEO company.  If you choose to take it on by yourself, there are a slew of free videos on YouTube that will show you some tips.  Or, if you want more detailed step-by-step advice, there are SEO ebooks available online free for you to download.  Simply search for “SEO help” to get started.

Make Money Online: Google AdSense

April 8, 2010

Continuing with my series on making money online, one of the most popular methods used by junior and advanced bloggers alike is Google AdSense.  Almost any website you visit, be it a small-time blogger to a large news site such as CNN’s news page, will have or had used Google AdSense at one point in their history.  The reason for this is the ease of use and customization.

Google’s AdSense service is popular for two reasons.  For starters, AdSense works by mining the text on the webpage that the ad is located on to find a set of key words.  These key words are matched with the terms Google’s advertisers are wishing to associate their product and services with, therefore, your site will display relevant content that your readers might want to click on and explore.  So, for example, if you wrote an article about visiting Manhattan, you might find advertisements for travel agencies or special events that are happening on Broadway. 

The second reason it is so popular is that it is easy to use.  All a person needs to know is how to page a section of code into your website in the location where you want the ads to be displayed.  After that, Google does the rest.  Because it is so easy to use, there are so many bloggers who subscribe to and use Google AdSense.  With this large pool of users out there, Google can bring in even more advertisers to into their service, creating a wider variety of products and services to be matched up with your content.

Some users have taken Google Adsense a step further.  It is not uncommon to find a pool of users signing up with an adsense revenue sharing site, where you can pool your content with others in the hope of generating even more revenue.  After all, the point of running AdSense is to generate money, and with Googles technology of matching relevant ads with your content makes this practice even easier.  So take a moment and register with Google and practice with adding AdSense to your site.