Weeks 4 through 6

Where oh where have my updates been?  Probably the same places as me!

Over the past three weeks, I have been traveling between Texas and New York.  As such, there hasn’t been much running.  I did get one day in the gym while in Texas (while it was over 100 degrees outside), and I walked all over creation in New York City for three days and nights.  I still haven’t been able to run two straight miles, though I was close on the treadmill in Texas.  Though while I’m behind in my running, I did achieve the weight-loss goal.  For the first time in my six-week challenges, I have lost 5 pounds.  I’m down to 196 from 202.  YEA!

The stats:

As you can see, I went ahead and added in notes as to why I didn’t have any run-times posted.  There’s a lot of travel listed, and the heat from Texas followed me home making it unsafe to run (even at 8:30pm).  The asterisk (*) comes from a night that I was headed out to run, but was stopped by a 40 minute phone call and then an hour talking to my neighbor on the street.  Instead of running my planned route, I decided to just do sprints up and down the hill on my street until it was too dark.

The training will continue past the six weeks as I’ve got to get ready for the Tough Mudder.


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