Week 3

Week three was the first real challenge.  The Summer heat has come in with a force, bring with it a lot of humidity as well.  I found myself going out later and later in the evenings just find a comfortable heat index.  On Thursday night, I didn’t head outdoors until 8:30pm.  But the heat wasn’t the only problem.  My right foot and ankle were hurting as well, and I wasn’t sure if I was coming down with shin splits.  So, I decided to not head out on Wednesday and only walk on Thursday.  Because of this, I am going to push back the next stage of the challenge by one week so I can reattempt the “1-run, 1-walk” stage.

And with that, here are the stats:

As can see, Wednesday was left black (for the reason noted above), and so was Friday.  Friday was a golf day, and after 5 hours out in the heat and tackling 18-holes, I felt that it was an equivalent amount of exercise than an hour of running/walking.  The average of 62 minutes for the approximate 4 miles is slightly better than the totals of stage one and stage two (64.2 minutes), so it is a sign that I am improving.  Hills are still my weak point, however, and I need to build up those muscles if I am going to be able to complete the next stage of running the approximately 4 miles.

On a positive note, all the physical measurements (except for my stomach) saw a decrease.  I am now down 3 pounds since the start of the 6-week challenge, and I’ve shed almost a half-inch from my waist.  I would argue that a lot of this loss is water weight due to the amount that I was sweating this week.  If that continues, I could possibly lose the five pounds by mid-June … especially if this heat continues.


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