The Landscapers Challenge

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to hit the outdoors.  I’ll be spending a lot of time over the next few weekends enjoying the fresh (pollen-filled) air, warm days, and the sound of the birds, but it’s not because of camping or hiking or sight-seeing.  No, it’s time to get out there and work on the yard again.

The work I did last year survived the Winter … except for my one trouble area.  After on season of sod and two seasons of seed, this is my last try before giving up and fill the area with mulch and flowers.  Below is what the area looked like last year after the grass seed took off and I landscaped around the sidewalk.

Looks lovely, doesn’t it?  Nice and lush and green?  There isn’t even any signs of pet grass stains.  Well, eight months later, this is what the same area looked like following a few snow storms (and some digging by the power company to replace a failed power line).

It is hard to believe that these pictures are from the same lawn.  Hopefully the improvements I am doing this year will pay off.  To combat the erosion problem, I have carved out a drain a few feet away from the edge of the driveway and graded the soil towards the drain.

I need about 3 or 4 more bags of gravel and then cover it up with a layer of soil as well.  In addition, where you see the erosion in the foreground, I will place a gravel drain in the planting bed as well.  This “should” resolve the problem.

This section of the lawn use to be the area with the thickest grass for years, so why it has become such a barren area now is beyond me.  One way or another, this is the last time I try to grow grass here.  HOPEFULLY it works.  I’ll keep you posted.


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