Gadgets I Should Get Rid Of?

I just finished reading the article “Gadgets You Should Get Rid Of (or Not)” on Yahoo, and I have some issues with their list.

1) Desktop Computer: The article quickly qualifies this entry by stating “Assuming you are not a hardcore gamer or a video editor,” you should get a laptop. I admit, modern laptops are almost on par with a desktop computer, but the writer misses a very big point – cost of upgrade. Desktop computers allow for easy upgrades with minimal costs, while the cost of upgrading a laptop can be high as well as limited.

2) High-speed Internet at Home: If you are doing any time of gaming or streaming of content online, keep the high-speed internet. Mi-Fi’s are nice when you are away from home, but when you are where you typically use the internet, stick with the real deal.

3) Cable TV: This is questionable. If you aren’t a major view of cable network channels, then you probably don’t have cable TV already (or at least you have the basic package). Coupled with the high-speed internet, if you are going to stream your movie/television content online, you need a reliable service (with no limits).

4) Point-and-shoot Cameras: “Lose it” says the author. I say he’s “lost it” already. For starters, I have a sneaky suspicion that the writer is a smart phone/gadget kinda guy (you’ll see a trend later on). While I have to admit that the new pocket cameras lack the quality of a bulkier digital camera with optical zoom, they are very convenient and easy to keep with you at all times. Secondly, who cares if your camera doesn’t have apps or if you can’t manipulate your photo right there on the device (though some do)? I can’t think of anyone I know who goes around complaining that their cameras lack those features.

5) Camcorder: To this I do agree. Camcorders are quickly becoming obsolete. Unless you are a professional videographer, your digital cameras can take quality videos that can easily be shared with others.

6) USB Thumb Drive: This guy obviously didn’t take into account work-related materials. You can’t simply upload business materials to third-party sites without the potential risk of that information being accessed by an unauthorized person. USB’s are convenient ways to carry information to/from multiple machines, especially if your computers don’t have readable-writable CD drives. Sorry author, but you are way off the mark on this one.

7) Digital Music Player: Here is the second time he recommends a smart phone. MP3 players are quite inexpensive and easy to carry without having a bulky smart phone in your pocket. My little Sony Walkman is a USB drive that plugs directly into a computer for easy uploading of music and recharging (quick charge). It weighs next to nothing, and is fantastic when working outside.

8) Alarm Clocks: Oddly enough, he champions a real clock over a smart phone (only time). Can’t really comment too much on this for the sole obvious reason – it’s easy to tap the snooze button on an alarm clock, rather than fumbling around on a smart phone.

9) GPS Unit: Yes, they are about the size and weight of a smart phone (third positive reference), but you can’t simply let your spouse/children take your phone on a road trip (unless you are buying everyone smart phones). Plus, many cars are being to offer GPS systems as regular options (or even standard in some cases) on new vehicles.

10) Books: “Duh!” Kindles are great tools, but sometimes nothing beats holding a real book, especially if you are needing to skip around in the text and/or if it is something that contains a lot of tables (like in textbooks). Still, if you are an avid reader of story books, e-readers are the way of the future.

Those are his list of ten items. I’ll add one more:

11) Smart phones: If you don’t feel like spending over $50 plus more on expensive data plans to enjoy your music, broadcast your Mi-Fi, take pictures, or find yourself when you are lost, just stick with a simple flip phone. They are usually free from your provider, and you can get away with spending as little as $30/month of the basic of plans.


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