Darn it, NFL!

Well, the talks didn’t conclude on a positive note, and now the NFL Union has filed to decertify and some of the players are filing an anti-trust lawsuit against the league.  This is definitely putting a damper on my hopes for the Giants returning to the Superbowl this season.  However, there is always a chance that the two sides can reach an agreement, though I don’t think it will be before the draft begins.  But why should there be a draft if there won’t be a season?  Some else who is smarter than me will have to answer that one.

So what should I do this year if there isn’t football?  Basketball will be over (though I can’t stand watching that on TV).  Baseball?  Boring!  Golf?  That has potential, but only if I am playing and the weather is nice outside.  Maybe I should download some football coaching videos, just in case the players start up their own impromptu league and they need someone to stand on the sideline with a clipboard!

In any case, I am highly disappointed with the NFL.  They are definitely ruining my plans!


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