A beautiful morning

Monday was Valentine’s Day, and Mother Nature brought me a beautiful gift.

Driving in to work that morning, just before the sun rose, the sky was painted in a beautiful pallet of color that reminded me of Easter.  If you were like me when growing up (or even now as an adult), I loved to mix colors of dyes to make some of the most unique-looking colored Easter eggs.  If I wasn’t dying one half of the egg in one color, and then turning it over to put in a second, I was constantly dunking eggs back and forth in different colors to reach various shades of purples and browns.  Not one egg was the same as the next.

Monday morning was no different.  To the East, the sky was a bright Robin-egg blue with wide cloud of peach, cream, and orange painted across the sky as if with a wide brush.  The colors blended together, making it difficult to know where one color ended and the next one began.  To the North and West, it looked as if a giant slab of rose marble was placed in the sky.  Shades of red and lavender were swirled together but not blended, making for a distinctive pattern.  It was placed in front of a rich violet and dark blue sky, making the red in the clouds stand out even more.

And to top this canvas off, to the South was an element of it’s own.  Venus, in all her glory, has been shining brightly high above the horizon for a few weeks now.  On Monday, she was hovering just above the cream-colored clouds as the stretched South.  Refusing to yield to the power of the Sun, she shined brightly as all other stars faded away in the morning light.  It wasn’t until the Sun was already above the horizon that she finally left us, taking the beautiful colors of the dawn with her.

It was a shame that I was not sitting on top of a tall hill that morning with my camera to record the beauty of nature that morning.  Hopefully you saw it yourself, or may you be fortunate to catch a morning like that yourself one of these days.  It was truly a gift.


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