Is it ok for men to comment on wedding dresses?

This time last year, I was making plans to travel to New York and support my friend in her first major promotional event for her wedding and events company.  Later on in the year, the same friend had one of her brides featured in TLC’s program “Say Yes to the Dress.” Needless to say, I was very excited for her successes and shared my excitement with my other friends.  One friend said that there was something “not right” about a man watching a program about wedding dresses, so it made me wonder – is there anything socially wrong with men taking an interest in such things?

To be honest, I really don’t care about fashion in general.  I’m your classic “jeans and t-shirt” kind of guy, and if you ask me what tie goes well with a dress shirt, I really couldn’t tell you.  Ladies I’ve dated over the years have tried to alter my outlook on fashion including taking me to stores to update my wardrobe, but with no real success.  When it comes to women and dresses though, I always seem to have an opinion – and men should as well.

In watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” I’ve learned how dress styles are not transferrable for all shapes. The designers use various cuts and dress embeleshments to accent what is best on the lady’s form. For example, wedding dresses for slender women might have ruffles below the waist line to accent their figure, but you don’t find the same design on plus size wedding dresses.  In turn, a fuller-figured lady will have a more plunging neck line, but a softer curve will be found on petite wedding dresses.

Let’s be real for a second – most men love the female form.  If we didn’t, we probably wouldn’t have swimsuit calendars, super models, and beauty pageants.  So appreciating a woman in something like ball gown wedding dresses or power suit is natural.  However, commenting on it seems to be out of the norm.

Men, let me tell you something.  Women love your opinions on how they look.  Why do they always ask you how they look?  Take the moment and appreciate that a woman really does want you to check her out from head to toe.  That way, you can better gauge which outfits and designs look better on her than others, and that will win you brownie points down the road.


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