An unusual business marriage?

Another odd musing by yours truly.

A few weeks back I was watching a program on TV that discussed “Earth-friendly” businesses, and one of them caught my interest. There is a landscaping company in North Carolina that specializes in clearing overgrown brush on large properties, especially on the slopes of hills and mountains. But instead of using laborers with large lawnmowers and other power tools, the man simply uses goats. These eating machines will chew through some of the thickest brush and thorny weeds without complaints. And while it does cost a little more to hire these eco-landscapers, there isn’t any noise pollution nor exhaust being pumped into your backyard while the brush removal is occurring.

I mention the goats because, in the same week of seeing the program, I passed by a parking lot that was advertising yet another interesting business. This business, I think, would be a great partner for anyone hiring goats as landscapers. Called the Pooper Troopers, this company will come out and clean up waste left behind by pets. When you think about it, after a few hours of eating brush, goats will leave behind a lot of waste.

Animal waste can be beneficial to the environment if allowed to naturally mix into the soil and become a part of compost. However, in most residential areas, animal waste can end up coming back into the house through normal foot traffic, spreading bacteria in living spaces and leading to illnesses. So, I would think, businesses similar to the ones mentioned above would make a perfect business marriage: one that creates the mess, and the other that cleans it up! Hopefully they watch their steps though, or at least have good truck floor mats in their work vehicles. If I may recommend, what better floor mat to put your dirty shoes on than that with the Dallas Cowboys logo on it?  Just saying…  🙂


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