Technology does not like me

Do you ever feel that something (or someone) is out to get you?  I can’t say for sure that is my case recently, but in three days, I’ve had three significant events dealing with a loss of access to technology.

On Sunday, while enjoying a wonderful Halloween day out at the park, my digital camera met an untimely end when it was bumped out of my hand and landed face-first on the ground.  The impact knocked the retractable lens out of alignment, making it impossible for it to retract or extend properly.  Sensing this damage, the camera no longer allows me to take photos (though it did allow me to view the existing photos and download them to my computer).

On Monday, my access to the internet was interrupted, resulting in a midnight phone call to the provider to get the provider.  Needing internet access so I can do my job, it was imperative that connectivity be restored as soon as possible.  Fortunately at 12:18am, the technician was able to fix the problem on her.

Not to be outdone, Tuesday night brought forth a critical failure of the database for my political website.  Being election night (the most important night of the year for the site), it was only fitting that the technology bug knocked my site offline for almost 4 hours.  At 1:56am this morning, I received a call from the host saying that the problem has been repaired and the site was back up and running.

The old saying is that “everything happens in 3’s.”  Hopefully that is the case.  I’m not sure I want to see what the fourth straight day of technology hell might bring.


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