Political Yard Signs

Most seasons in the United States come with artful decorations in the yard. Halloween (my favorite holiday) has pumpkins, scarecrows, and maybe a headstone or two. Christmas has holiday lights and reindeer made out of twigs. With Easter comes the pastel flowers and cut-outs of the Easter Bunny. The election season isn’t any different. With a drive down any neighborhood, you are bound to find at least one campaign sign showing support for a political candidate or a specific issue.

Sadly, Independent or third-party candidates rarely have signs available for their candidates, even if only to be placed on the roadside near the polling stations. So how is an interested voter suppose to show their support for one of these candidates, especially if the candidate is running a small budget campaign? Doing a little search online, there are many online printing services available that can print yard signs for an affordable price.

For example, on 123print.com you can purchase an 18″ x 12″ sign for as low as $6.00. With their online graphic editor, you can upload any graphic, write your own message, and select from over 20 available fonts. What better way to help out your candidate than purchasing your own sign for your neighbors to see?

Keep this in mind for when the 2012 election season begins. If you do not like the choices being presented to you by the Republicans and Democrats, go out and make a statement by creating your own political yard sign for the candidate you hope will win. You can make the difference.


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