Online Games: Sieger

For those of you who love to play online flash games, I have one for you. ” Sieger ” by Armor Games is a demolition game.  The goal is for you to attack a castle with various ammo to destroy the enemy.  You are offered stone projectiles, poison rounds, as well as explosive shells.  In some instances, not only do you have to kill the enemy, but you also have to save the hostages.  This adds an increased level of difficulty.

The pre-made levels are are fairly straight forward, allowing you to win “gold” on each map.  The real challenge comes when you play the custom-made maps by fellow gamers.  With an endless supply of new maps, you can play for hours without playing the same map twice.  And, if you are adventurous, you can build you own!

That is what I did.  Below you will find screen shots and links to my first two maps made for this game.  The first map is a traditional castle with a single hostage.  The second map is a throwback to my history of sailing on commercial ships … an oil tanker.  Yes, it’s a bit primitive, but it is also one of a kind!  Click on the links below to play.  ENJOY!

Map 1:  MODUs First (Click here to play)

Map 2:  MODUs Second – Tanker (Click here to play)


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