America’s Got Talent finals (UPDATE)

After watching the show Tuesday night, this is how I would rank the 10 acts:

1 ) Jackie Evancho
Jackie is a fantastic singer, no matter what her age.

2 ) Prince Poppycock
Poppycock is not only a great singer, he is a complete persona.

3 ) Fighting Gravity
These guys are a riot. My only criticism about their performance last night is that it seemed to be a bit weaker than their earlier acts. Additionally, some of the props were not well hidden when moved behind the cast. However, with just a week to put the whole routine together and practice, these issues can easily be forgiven.

4 ) Anna and Patryk
A fantastic dance duo. Except for the fall by Anna at the start of the routine, their performance was near perfect.

5 ) Studio One Young Beast Society
Second only to Anna and Patryk, these are the best dancers from the whole season. Unique moves mixed with a lot of energy. I could easily see them with a stage act in the future.

6 ) Taylor Matthews
My favorite of the two male singers. Unfortunately, he is still a bit rough around the edges and needs some refinement.

7 ) Michael Grimm
A talented singer, but his voice isn’t the greatest. He reminds me a lot of Bruce Springsteen. Michael will definitely have a career following this show.

8 ) Jeremy VanSchoonhoven
This boy is crazy. The fact that he fell 15 feet, banged himself up and went to the hospital, and then return to compete live shows true grit. However, I have a difficult time seeing him as a solo act with a Vegas show.

9 ) Michael Grasso
Most of the magicians that made it into the Semi-finals were fantastic. Unfortunately for Michael, he lacks a showmanship quality needed for a stage show. Plus, with the coordination issue last night with the clear box getting snagged on the roll-away screen, the quality of the performance was a little weak.

10 ) Christina and Ali
I don’t want to come across as cruel, but I don’t think these two gals show have made it into the Semi-finals, let alone into the finals. They have a very touching story, but they are average singers. I feel more qualified acts lost out on a chance to compete in the finals, but since it was America’s choice, who am I to argue?

Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity made it into the final round. I guessed three of the four. Not too bad if I say so myself!


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