YOU, the Internet, and Reputation Management Services

Did you hear about the woman who lost her job over comments made on Facebook?  June Talvitie-Siple, a teacher in Massachusetts, lost her job after calling the parents of her students snobby and arrogant in comments on her Facebook page, as well as referring to her students as germ bags.  Once these comments were found online, they were brought to the attention of the school district who asked her to resign.

So what does this teach you?  You need to be responsible when posting online, especially if you work in public markets.  Companies of many sizes know about the risk of public exposure online, and often tell their employees to practice responsible web use.  This is why most companies limit the access to the internet from within their own firewalls.  These actions come from the advice of reputation management services and business consultants.

When I first got online back in the early 1990s, I was too careless with my web activity.  It didn’t dawn on my that putting out my name and private information could be used against me.  Within a year, I would get random and threatening e-mails as well as people accessing my e-mail account.  It was then that I learned the importance of controlling my information online.

Reputation management services; teach individuals and companies these lessons without making people learn them the hard way.  By controlling the information you place online, and working at monitoring what others are saying about you, you can keep your reputation (as well as personal security) in check.

What does the future hold for June Talvitie-Siple?  Do you think she will be able to get another job as a teacher following this?  If she is smart, she will work hard to improve her image and reputation.  This means not only apologizing for her comments, it means she needs to go through her posting history to edit out the comments that got her in trouble to begin with.  Maybe she should look into taking advantage of the reputation management services in her area to get her life, and her future, back.


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