Tonight is the Hall of Fame game, kicking off the preseason for this years NFL!  As always, I hope that the Giants make it all the way.  The thrill of Eli Manning holding up the trophy after their victory over the New England Patriots was wonderful, and it eased the hurt from the loss to the Baltimore Ravens back in 2000.  But being a realist, I also know that it will be a rough road and that they might not even make the playoffs.

I guess that is why every football season is so exciting.  It is a fresh start for every team to show what they are made of, and make that climb to supremacy with a blank slate.  Tonight we see the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals face off against each other.  Two notable Bengals (Terrell Owens and Adam “PacMan” Jones) wore the blue and silver just a few years ago, showing how dynamic the league can be.  These changes is what makes each season interesting, since we don’t know how the new players will improve or hurt the teams.

Unfortunately, some players will be watching this season from home due to injuries during training camp.  It is my hope that the number of major injuries will be less than that of prior seasons.  For while I love to watch the hard hits and circus tackles, I don’t like to see people missing out playing the sport they love due to injuries … especially ones that could lead to the end of their careers.

Be safe everyone, and best of luck with the new season!


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