Should I buy a cargo mat?

For those of you who remember, I ended up buying a new car last year after having my last one for a decade.  My new vehicle has a larger storage section in the back which came in handy when I was rebuilding my lawn (as noted in the “Adventures in Landscaping” section).  As you can see in the picture to the right, I was able to stack multiple bags of soil without having to find creative ways to slip it into the trunk – a problem I use to have with my old sedan. 

What you might also notice in the picture is that I was using a large sheet of plastic to protect the interior from possibly being stained by the new soil.  Being a utility vehicle, it is likely that I will continue to use it to carry large (and possibly dirty) items over the next decade, so I want to make sure the interior lasts as long as possible.  One of the things I’ve considered buying was a cargo mat for the trunk.

Just as you would buy floor mats to protect from the constant wear and tear on the carpet caused by wet and dirty shoes, a cargo mat protects the trunk.  When you consider in the case like mine (where the fabric is a light color), the odds are stains will appear over time.  In fact, when I bought this car, the dealer had to do some extra scrubbing in the trunk since the car was originally owned by a car rental company. 

I haven’t settled on a mat yet, as my sheet of plastic seems to be holding up, but if I continue to haul dirt and mulch with my vehicle, it might be worth the investment.  After all, $100 now might be cheaper than paying for upholstery cleaning a few times over the life of the car.  What do you think?


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