Movies: The A-Team

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  I went in to this movie fearing it would be as bad as “The Dukes of Hazzard,” but I was wonderfully surprised, and I think you will be too.  This truly was an epic movie, and I didn’t have any issue adjusting to the new actors playing the well-established characters of B.A., Murdock, Face, and the Colonel.  They even brought back the VAN! 

Since the original story line from the 1980’s TV show wouldn’t work now (being a group of Vietnam Vets would put them a little on the “old” side), the movie re-establishes the history of the team during a 15-minute introduction sequence.  From there, it is a series action scenes, wise cracks, and complicated puzzles to be figured out until the climatic conclusion.  I will caution that there is a little foul language in the movie, but much of it is implied or muffled (intentionally) by explosions or other noises.  Beyond that, I see no reason why young audiences who can tolerate movie violence could not see this film. 

Lastly, I do encourage that you stay through the end of the movie, as there is some bonus features at the end.  Enjoy!


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