Darkness: the novel (rough draft)

Thank you for visiting my first online novel.  Below you will find the easy-to-use navigational index for the story that links you to the various chapters in the book.  As this is a rough draft, there are errors in the text.  If you find any errors, or have comments on the story in general, please feel free to share your thoughts at the end of the chapter.  My intent is to finish editing the novel and provide the readers with a finalized version that they can download for their own enjoyment.  Thank you once again, and enjoy the story.


Chapter 1:  “A Cry in the Dark”

Chapter 2:  “Lost in the Woods”

Chapter 3:  “Home Away from Home”

Chapter 4:  “Long Ride Home”

Chapter 5:  “The Missed Stop”

Chapter 6:  “More and More Questions”

Chapter 7:  “The Awakening”

Chapter 8:  “Not Alone”

Chapter 9:  “The House”

Chapter 10:  “Enter the Darkness”

Chapter 11:  “Footprints”

Chapter 12:  “There’s No Place Like Home”

Chapter 13:  “From One Point to Another”

Chapter 14:  “Turning the Page”

Chapter 15:  “The Long Good-bye”


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