Adventures in Landscaping

Following a failed installation of new sod by a local landscaper, I took it upon myself to rebuild a section of my yard from scratch.  I started the process in 2009 by testing two separate grass seed products to see which performed the best.  The two products I chose were Pennington’s Smart Patch and Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed.  In 2010, I sectioned off the troubled area of the yard and applied the grass seed with new soil, as well as worked to decrease the amount of erosion in the area by upgrading the planting bed in front of the house.  The following links will walk you through the steps I took in rebuilding the lawn as well as chronicle the progress of the new seed.  My hope is that this will help you in your own adventures in landscaping.

(I will continue to update this section as new pictures and steps are taken.)

Part 1:  This is what the yard looked like before, during, and after installation of the sod in 2009.

Part 2:  In this section, I discuss the products chosen for the test patches and show images of what the lawn looked like after application.

Part 3:  The grass starts to grow.

Part 4:  One month since being planted.

Part 5:  Six weeks after planting.

Part 6:  Two months after planting and the first snow fall of the season has come. 

Part 7:  After two blizzards, the snow has melted and it is time to examine the condition of the test patches.

Part 8:  Applying fresh soil and seed to the yard.


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