The 2nd six-week exercise challenge

As I announced the other day, I am starting a new six-week exercise challenge.  The goal for this challenge is the same as the last one: lose five pounds.  It sounds like an easy goal, but as we discovered with the first challenge, it is easier said than done.

After the first challenge, my weight stayed the same (at 202 lbs), I lost 1.5 inches around the stomach, lost 0.5 inches around the waist, but gained 0.5 inches around the groin/glutes.  Losing the 1.5 inches around the stomach was a nice trade-off to the lack in weight loss, but I still want to lose those pounds and get back under 200 lbs. 

Since May of last year, I have gained an inch around the stomach, an inch around the waist, and 0.5 inches around the groin/glutes, as well as put on two more pounds.  This is not where I expected to be, especially after the two blizzards we had this past Winter and all the hours of shoveling snow.  So the quest begins to correct all of that.

In this new challenge, I am going to be measuring four points compared to the three from last time.  The additional point in this challenge will be the chest.  Since rowing involves a lot of upper body work, I thought it would be a good measure point to track over the next six weeks.

I am doing something different this time around.  Instead of developing my own exercise routine, I am using a workout I discovered on the Concept 2 website (pdf format).  This routine consists of 24 separate workouts, which works perfectly for the challenge I have in mind.  I will be rowing Monday through Friday each week.  On Mondays through Thursdays, I will follow the next workout in the routine.  On Fridays, I will do a 2500 Meter race; recording the stats from these races to compare them with each other to see how well my performance improves over the six weeks.

Wish me luck!


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