Adventures in Landscaping (Part 8)

This was the first weekend where I had a chance to work on the lawn.  I went to the store to buy a couple bags of soil and seed and went to work.  The first thing that needed to be done was to clean the section of lawn that was to be treated.  I dethatched the area using a metal garden rake; digging the combs into the soil to remove dead grass and leaves.  Afterwards, I went over the area again with a leaf rake to ensure all the loose debris was removed.

Once the section was prepared, I applied the seeding soil and started working it and spreading it around.  Since the first section needed the most repair, I worked in an inch of fresh seeding soil with the loosened top soil.  This not only added needed soil, but also gave the seeds a lush bed to grow in.

As I worked in each new bag, I finished off the soil by going over the new patch with the leaf rake.  This allowed me to create grooves parallel with the slope of the lawn.  Once all the soil was worked onto the lawn, I started hand-spreading the seed over the lawn.  The seed would fall into the grooves, making it easy for me to cover them up with a thin layer of soil as I dragged the leaf rake lightly over the soil.

Once I was done for the evening (as you can tell from the last two pictures), I turned on the water and let it run for an hour.  This allowed the soil to absorb a lot of water to help stimulate seed germination.  Now all that I need to do is keep watering this patch and begin work on the next section.


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