Adventures in landscaping (part 7)

Spring has sprung, and as such it is time to plant the grass.  Over the winter, we had two blizzards that dropped over two feet of snow on the ground.  In December, two feet of cold/dry snow fell, while in February we had two feet of heavy wet snow.  This allowed the ground to absorb a lot of water, making the ground more friendly for me to work in.

But first, let us examine the yard and see how it fared.  As you can see from the pictures below, a lot of limbs and leaves came down during the winter.  There are some nearly-bare sections of the yard where I had experimented the Smart Patch grass seed.  Part of this is due to the erosion caused by the melting snow.  Water runoff has been one of the largest issues I’ve had in this area (as noted before). 


Around the corner, the test patch of the Scotts grass seed as well as the area with the seeding soil has held up well.  Definitely a sign that this is the way to proceed this spring.


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