Make Money Online: Project Wonderful

“Next item up for bid is …”

Project Wonderful is an advertising system where you can bid on advertising spaces on various websites as well as host ad spaces on your own for others to bid on. The Project Wonderful service handles all of the transactions for you, making it a very simple system for you to use.

If you want to advertise your site, you simply register an account and search for websites providing ad spaces that fit your budget. Many sites will have ad blocks available for less than five cents, with some of them even being for free. The advertisers can be sorted by category and specific tags, so you can narrow your search as needed. When you have identified a site or a group of sites that you wish to bid on, you will need to create an advertisement that fits into the ad box you are selecting. With over seven different ad sizes (125 x 125 being the most popular), you have a wide range of choices to choose from.

The next thing you will need to do is to identify how long you wish to have your advertising bid to run. You can select it to run for just a few days or a whole month. In addition, you can cap how much per day you wish to spend on the ads, how much at any given time to spend, as well as how much for the length of the advertising period to spend. So say, for example, you had a $5.00 budget to spend on advertising on one site. In a 30 day period, that is roughly 15 cents a day. You can place a bid with your max bid at 15 cents with a budget of $5.00. If you are bidding on a popular site, you might spend your entire budget in month if your winning bid is 15 cents. However, on a less popular site, you might get away with spending only 30 cents for the whole month if the winning bid is just one cent per day.

On the other hand, you can set up advertising blocks on your site for others to bid on. 125 x125 is the most popular advertising block, making it a good choice for young websites. I would recommend you setting your minimum bid price no more than 2 cents a day (and maybe make it free at first and gradually increase it as your web traffic increases). It will take a week before you start seeing any serious activity on your ad box, but within the first month you should start earning revenue.

The revenue earned at first won’t be much, but you can easily reinvest it into your advertising budget. Depending on how much you earn and how you plan your advertising strategy, you could easily get away with never having to spend money from your pocket on advertising through Project Wonderful … the strategy that I have been using for the past two years.

So take a moment and visit the Project Wonderful site and give the service a try for 30 days. You might be surprised by how much advertising you can generate for just a few cents a day.


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