Be bedazzled with Bidazzled

I stumbled upon Bidazzled today, and I think the site is really neat. If you’ve ever used online auction sites before (like I have), then you know the excitement of trying to out-bid someone at the last second to score your prize. And there is nothing better than walking away with a product for well below retail price.

Bidazzled is a unique auction site for many reasons.

About bids – The terminology here can be a bit confusing, since the term “bid” has two separate meanings. The first aspect is exercising a bid. Imagine for a moment that you are playing the classic card game “war.” You are in the game as long as you have cards in your hand to play. With Bidazzled, in order for you to participate in an auction, you have to have “bids” in your hand to play. You can obtain bids by purchasing them (between 67 cents and one dollar based upon what package you purchase), earning them through referrals, or by participation in an auction.

Placing a bid – The actual bidding action of Bidazzled is quite simple. Once you’ve identified a product you wish to pursue, you simply click on the “BID” button under the products’ description. The increments of the bids are fixed, with the maximum bid being 18 cents.

Clock – Unlike online auction sites such as Ebay (where a fixed time is set for the auction), the auctions on Bidazzled continues as long as their is activity. After the initial time period lapses, the auction is extended by 18 seconds after the last bid is recorded. So, if you place a bid with one second remaining on the clock, the clock is extended to others have a chance to counter.

There are more aspects of the site and the bidding process that you should explore, but the most important one doesn’t have anything to do with the products you are bidding on.

Some of the proceeds from Bidazzled are used to raise funding for cancer awareness – primarily Small Cell Lung Cancer. The creator of Bidazzled financially supports the Jimmy Ruch Fund. Money (through bids) is raised from unsuccessful auctions as well as the difference between the wholesale price of a product and the winning final bid. While you benefit by obtaining a product for below retail price (usually 70% below), the Jimmy Ruch Fund benefits as well.

So check out Bidazzled and join in the fun while helping a good cause in the process.

Update: While writing this article, I was tracking the activity of an auction in process. A Samsung 10-inch laptop was up for auction with a 15-cent bid increment. The auction closed, with the laptop selling for $96.15. This equates to 641 bids being placed on the item. That means, Bidazzled raised up to $641.00 (minus wholesale price) for the Jimmy Ruch Fund. Doing some research, this same laptop sells on
for $365.01. This means, the Bidazzled laptop went for $268.86 less.

UPDATED 2: In addition, if you register between now and January 15th, you can obtain 15 additional bids for free. All you need to do is enter the referral code below when you register:

Blog: BBP1202A
Twitter: BTP1202A

SocialSpark Disclosure Badge This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

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