Mayon Volcano ready to erupt

The Mayon Volcano, located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, is on the verge of erupting again.  Last night, she spewed out ash and lava rolled down her steep slopes.  Due to this recent activity, the local authorities have called for an evacuation as they prepare for a major eruption.  Her last major eruption was in 2008.

In doing some research on this volcano, I came across an amateur video filmed earlier today.  In the video, you can clearly see where the fresh lava cleared the green ground cover on her slope, as well as fresh ash continuing to drift away from the volcano’s crater.  If you look closely at the foreground of the video, the soil is rich and dark, a typical trait of soil made from historic lava flows.  His distance from the volcano should give you a good perspective of how far lava can flow from the volcano, and why the local authorities are anxious to move as many of the residents away from the potential threat.

UPDATE: Here is a video from later that night. Just at twilight, the volcano started to ooze lava down the already charred slope. If you look closely, you can see how fast the lava is traveling by watching the the very bright segment of the flow. Impressive amateur video by the camera operator.


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