Adventures in landscaping (part 5)

There has been a big change over the past two weeks, and I’m not sure what is the cause. As I noted in the beginning of November, it looked like the Smart Patch grass section might have started to die off. Well, as you can see below, the new grass has thinned out.

Obviously, the falling leaves might have something to do with this. With the amount of leaves that are falling, a fresh blanket covers the yard each week before I have a chance to clear them away. If you compare the Smart Patch section to the Turf Builder section, however, you’ll note how poorly the Smart Patch grass is looking.

The Turf Builder section continues to grow in, creating a thicker carpet of grass. If the grass looks anywhere close to this now next Spring, I am leaning towards using this product to repair my whole yard. Of course, that means I will also be using the Scotts Seeding Soil as well, since the test sections combining the two products have performed the best. The big question to address will be the cost. Is it cheaper to buy the soil and seed, or is it cheaper to buy sod?


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