Victory at Sea (Veterans Day)

Today is Veterans Day, the day we set aside to remember the end of World War I (Armistice Day) as well as all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our nation and liberty around the world.  Many television stations and news channels ran special programming today to mark the holiday.  One channel was running the old series “Victory at Sea” in honor of today.

If you have never heard of “Victory at Sea,” I must say you are missing out.  Aired in 1952, the series pieced together hours of war footage from World War II filmed by those Allies and Axis nations alike.  While the series focused on the US Navy primarily, it also aired footage of land and air battles as well. 

One of my favorite pieces was the “Design for Peace” episode.  For over 10 minutes, a montage of “welcome home” scenes are pieced together, showing sailors pulling into port and being greeted by their wives and loved ones.  It continues with the parade of forces from all branches from all countries.  As the video jumps from nation to nation, the orchestra soundtrack changes to match the music style from the nation being presented.

The series is currently for sale, but is also shown on television from time to time.  Some of the series can even be found on YouTube, such as the segment below.  As you will experience with this clip, the producers did a fantastic job of weaving video, audio, instrumental, and narrative together into a perfect presentation that draws in the viewer and places them in the scenes.  This craftsmanship is what led the series to win an Emmy in 1954.

As you watch, remember the men and women who sacrificed themselves in defense of liberty.  Many gave some … some gave all.  Remember this, on this Veterans Day as well as every day of the year.

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