Adventures in landscaping (part 4)

Fall is settling in, and the battle of the leaves continues.  Seems as soon as I clear the leaves and go inside, the lawn is covered all over again.  Just a few more weeks…….

After some raking and leaf blowing, the new grass was uncovered.  The Smart Patch section (below) continues to grow strong.  Actually, the blades of grass are so long that they are laying down like a green shag rug compliments to the weight of the fallen leaves.  It does look like some of the new grass might have died due to the amount of leaves that came down, so I’ll have to keep track of it.

The Turf Builder grass, on the other hand, really took off since the last pictures … especially in the areas where I put down fresh soil.  As you can see in the picture below, the section in the top-half of the picture has come in thick.  In the lower half of the picture, new seedlings are popping up in the existing grassy areas, but not to the level of the Smart Patch.

More pictures to come in about two weeks.


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