The Flu and H1N1

Every time this year, you always hear the question “Are you getting the flu shot this year?”  My answer to this question is always “No.”  It isn’t because I think it is a government conspiracy or that I am too cheap (well, maybe I am cheap).  No, I don’t get the flu shot because I was one of those lucky few who came down with the flu the only year when I did get the shot.

I know, I know … they tell you that you can’t get the flu from the flu shot, but it is hard to come up with any explanation other than that.  I’ve never came down with the flu in my adult life during flu season except that one lone year.  And I tell you, when I was sick I mean I was “sick.”  I was in and out of work for two months, with some weeks just doing my work over the computer or the phone.  Fortunately, my employees were well trained and could run the office without me.  The only times I would come in was if something official had to be signed or if there were bills to be paid.  But enough about that.

So, the next questions is if I am going to get the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccination this year?  I haven’t decided yet.  My friends’ husband came down with swine flu this month, and is in the process of recovering, so I know that it is around me.  However, do I take my same position on this as I do with the flu shot?  Will I get swine flu if I am vaccinated?

For the time being, I will not be making that trip down to the doctors for either.  If the swine flu epidemic continues, or if more people around me come down with the illness, I might change my mind.  In the mean time, I will take my chances.


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