Thank goodness for Webroot!

I think I picked up a “virus” (or maybe just malware) through Facebook earlier today, resulting in new instances of Internet Explorer opening up on their own.  Most of these pages were to generic websites, though a few were to adult-related content (not a good thing to see when you are sitting in a restaurant).  However, the more pesky aspect of this virus was that it would redirect my Google and Yahoo searches to third-party websites, making it impossible for me to find what I was looking for.  Enter Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware!

I’ve had Webroot on this laptop for years, but I didn’t renew my registration in the Spring.  BIG MISTAKE.  I logged into the program, renewed my subscription, and within a few minutes it identified the bad program and quarantined it for me.  Since then, no more erroneous websites!

If you are having a similar problem you might what to check out Webroot.  It is an annual subscription (unless you pay a little more to extend it for two years), so that is a slight drawback, but it is well worth it if you ask me.  I would have to spend the better part of the weekend restoring my laptop if I decided to reformat the drive to remove the virus, and I can tell you that I have more exciting things to do with my weekends than that. 

This isn’t a paid endorsement.  This is my personal testimonial on the product.  If any of you use Webroot and want to sound off on it, do so now.


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