Man my Giants suck

By “suck,” I am referring to their lack of play over the past two weekends.  I can slightly forgive their loss to the Saints (since I was expecting the Saints to win anyway), but the Giants have allowed 600 passing yards, 196 rushing yards, 10 TDs, and 1 field goal without matching the output of their opponents.  You can’t be the “leading NFC team” with a performance like that.

Coming up, the Giants face:

Philadelphia – A must win to put some distance between their NFC East counterparts
San Diego – Philip Rivers and the Chargers are gaining momentum, making this game as tough as the Dallas game in week 2
Atlanta – One of the hottest teams going back to last year.  Not to be underestimated
Denver – Still undefeated, and probably as tough as the Saints
Dallas – Looking for revenge following their loss in week 2’s high-scoring battle
Philadelphia – If they are still in contention, they will bring all they have against Eli
Washington – Possibly their first opponent with a losing record at this point
Carolina – A team that has punished the Giants three years in a row late in the season or post-season
Minnesota – Bret Favre is looking for revenge from two years ago, and now he has Adrian Petersen to boot.

The Giants need to get their act together this week, or any chance at a repeat post-season will quickly slip through their fingers … like many of the passes last night.


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