Closet treasures

RobotechIn another installment of my closet treasure series, I’d like to introduce you to my Valkyrie, produced by Bandai.  Bandai licensed the toy to two different cartoon series: Robotech and Transformers.  This Valkyrie is the Transformers variant named Jetfire.

If you ever watched the cartoon Robotech, and if you are familiar with the toy version of the Valkyrie, then you know how the toy’s logical transformation matches that of the plane in the cartoon.  Compared with the toy versions of the Transformers cartoon characters, there is no toy that looks both in the robot and vehicle position as their cartoon counterparts.

As you can see from this image, this toy has seen its fair share of abuse.  Unfortunately, I found the toy in that condition over 24 years ago while I was living in Hawaii.  It was laying in the bushes near a building I was at, and it had obviously been there for a while.  With a little cleaning, the toy was ready for action.

Speaking of ready for action . . . I’m ready for action (as in, a live-action movie version of Robotech).  Rumor has it that Toby Maguire is producing a movie version of the iconic cartoon.  With the success that Transformers has had in the theaters over the past few years, there is no reason why Robotech won’t do as good as well.  I just hope they keep with the F-14 style Valkyries and not try to introduce a new model.  I love my Valkyrie!


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