Games: Port Royale 2

Have you ever played a computer game that is so good that you’ll keep playing it for years?  That is how I feel about Port Royale 2.  Released (and purchased) back in 2004, this game continues to run on my computers.

If the name didn’t give it away, this game placed in 16th-17th century Caribbean, when the Spanish, French, English, and Dutch were actively exploiting the wealth and possibilities of the New World.  You start the game as a Captain of a small ship with the whole Caribbean at your disposal.  You progress in rank through trading and combat, gaining the ability to manage multiple fleets and take on harder challenges. 

Once you reach a particular rank, you are able to take on the challenge of annexing towns belonging to an enemy, and in return, receive a town of your own.  From there, you can establish the base of your trading empire and plan your next attack.  In addition to the nations, there are also pirates operating in the Caribbean.  Some pirates are strong enough to establish their own hideouts, while others strike independently.  Some of these lesser pirates can be hired and return a portion of their booty with you.

With all the options available in this game, you will see why I still play it after all these years.  I’m sure you can find it in the discount bins at your local electronic store or online through EBay.  Hit the high seas and enjoy the fun!


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