“Gone with the Trash” on “Sanctuary”

Was  anyone watching the television show “Sanctuary” last night?  If you were, did you notice the book the female prisoner was reading while handcuffed to the gurney?  It was entitled “Gone with the Trash.”  Wondering if it was a crafty product placement, I decided to do a websearch on the book.

Turns out, the book is real, and you can read it for FREE on their website: Gone with the Trash.

As stated on their webpage: “We started a little experiment that got out of control. It turned out to be a lot of fun and, in the true spirit of the Web, we want to share.” I wonder if by “out of control” they ever thought that their book would be used as a prop in a Sci-Fi movie. Who knows!

So, if you are interested in reading what seems like a funny little book, feel free to give them a look! (No, I didn’t intentionally try to make a rhyme there.) And speaking of free books, someone has written a free book here on Blog-Now called “Darkness.” Check them out too!


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