Stargate Universe (SGU)

Has anyone started watching this show yet?  It is very different that the prior two series, almost as if they are trying to overlap the Stargate family on top of Battlestar Galatica.  You have the technology and story line mixed with the drama of survival while lost in space.  So far, I think the show has potential, though I think we are going to have to suffer through 4 weeks of character-building and drawn-out character conflict before really getting deep into the history of the spaceship and the various planets in the galaxy. 

My hope is that once they get the ship “working,” they can start delving into some of the technology on the ship, as well as show some of the design.  This was an aspect I enjoyed with both the new Battlestar Galatica series as well as the Star Trek Enterprise show from a few years back.  Must be the engineer in me coming out again! 

Here’s hoping for a successful and entertaining first season.


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