Adventures in Landscaping (part 2)

After some browsing at my local Lowe’s store, I have decided to try two different grass seed products for the yard.  The first product is Pennington Seed‘s “Smart Patch.”  This product is a blend of seed, mulch, and fertilizer designed to fill in small sections of lawn for immediate results.  The second product is Scotts Turf Builder grass seed.  This seed is coated with a water-absorbent product to decrease the amount of watering needed to encourage the seed to grow.

First things first.  I needed to prepare the yard.  That required raking the area to be seeded clear of debris and loosen the soil.  In some areas, I needed to add some top soil due to the type of soil I have here at the house.  I decided to use Scotts Turf Builder Seeding Soil for the only reason that it was the most bang for the buck.

I split the troubled area in half, using the Smart Patch grass seed on one side, and Turf Builder on the other.  Since the Smart Patch grass seed came in a small bag, I actually purchased three bags in order to cover a sizable area.

As you can see above, the Smart Patch was applied to the front side of the image, with the Turf Builder applied in the background.  All that is left to do is water and wait to see how the grass grows.  I will post part 3 when I see the grass start to grow.


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