America’s Got Talent finale

If you love variety, you need to watch the finale of America’s Got Talent.  There are some great acts out there this season.  Here my rankings of the top 10 acts:

1) Barbara Padilla – A fantastic opera singer who I believe would be an instant hit on the Vegas strip.

2) Fab Five – These sisters are perfectly in sync as they tap across the stage.  Their energy and personality could make for a great show.

3) Recycled Percussion – They are probably be the best “Vegas Ready” group in the finale.  If you love drumming and an active stage performance, you should tune in and watch.

4) The Texas Tenors – They say they’ve only been together for a few months, but these three guys are well matched vocally, and they look like they are having a good time.  The should be able to sell out their performances if they were to win.

5) Kevin Skinner – Now I will admit, I’m not a big country music fan.  However, he does a wonderful job with singing with emotion, and he could easily draw a crowd with the large country music market out there.

6) Hairo Torres – This guy cracks me up!  It is a trip to watch him dance, but I don’t think he could carry a full 60 minute program.  Plus, I wonder how long his body will last with some of those landings he makes during his performance.

7) Drew Stevyns – What Lawrence Beaman lacks, Drew has.  He might not be the best singer, but he sings with a lot of heart. 

8 ) The Voices of Glory – I should really have them ranked last, since I think they are too young to work on the Vegas strip.  However, the trio sign well with each other, and probably have a lot of potential in the future.

9) Grandma Lee – While she is a unique act, I just haven’t found any of her material since the first show funny.  Plus, I fear how her health would hold up to the stress of multiple shows.

10) Lawrence Beaman – My problem with Lawrence is that he seems more like a technical singer and not an emotional one.  If he could get some more soul in his performance, I would have him ranked much higher.


One Response to America’s Got Talent finale

  1. admin says:

    Voices of Glory went first. They sang their version of “Greatest Love of All.” It was nearly perfect except for a few flat notes.

    Hairo Torres went second. He cracks me up with his dancing. However, I don’t think he did enough to put himself over the top.

    Lawrence Beaman went third, singing a classic Barry White song (“My first, My last, My everything”). He did his best job yet, but it was still a very technical performance. He has to learn to sing with emotion in order to win it all.

    Barbara Padilla went fourth, singing in front of a live orchestra. All I can say is AWESOME!!!

    The producers were being original (not) by having the Fab Five go fifth. Another spot-on performance by the troop. Though I found their costumes a bit spooky, they routine and incorporation of male dancers brought them to the next level.

    The Texas Tenors were next, signing “My Way.” It was a strong performance and I think that moves them closer to Barbara.

    Drew Stevyns followed, singing “I’ll Stand By You.” It was a good rendition, but I don’t think it was good enough to make a lasting impression.

    Grandma Lee was the eight performance of the evening. She changed her act up a little, but the material was still a bit flat (to me, at least). Some people might enjoy her humor, or may like her because she’s unique. We’ll see how the votes turn out.

    Kevin Skinner performed his version of “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” I came across very well, but I believe his novelty of being a chicken catcher has worn thin (since he is a good singer). Will he continue to pull the country music vote?

    Recycled Percussion closed out the show with a classic surfer theme. Banging away to “Wipeout,” they started on the stage floor with one set of drums, climbed the set to a second set of drums, and closed out by dropping into a waterproof container to a third set. From there, they played while being doused with water. They capped off a good run with possibly enough momentum to win the competition.

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