Learn to drive (take two)!

Obviously there are people out there who did not read my article last month about driving safely.  Within a 48 hour time-span on Monday and Tuesday, I watched three people blatantly run red lights on my way to and from work.  Now, by blatantly, I mean that the driver was facing a red light for well over 30 seconds, with cross-traffic passing by in front of them.  The first two red light runners made it safely, even though both were close calls.  However, the last one was not as lucky.

Sitting at a four-way intersection, I waited as the cross-traffic light finally turned red.  The on-coming traffic coming out of the shopping center has a dedicated green light which lasted about 30 to 40 seconds.  When their light finally turned red, it was my turn to make it into the intersection.  In front of me was a small sedan that was going straight across the intersection when I noticed that someone in the cross-traffic lanes start to accelerate.  In an instant, he hit the sedan broadside.

Fortunately, this accident was at a slow speed (for both cars), but it was hard enough to crush the driver-side corner of the car belonging to the red light runner, and crushed in the rear passenger side door.  I pulled in in front of both cars to check on the well being of all parties involved, and fortunately they were all ok (and surprisingly in decent moods).  The outcome could have been a lot worse.

Let this be a lesson to one and all.  You are driving a piece of machinery that can be deadly, both to you and whomever you hit.  If you have a red light, stay put.  Drivers are not expecting you to jump out in front of them.  The same holds true to all other traffic lights and signs.  They are placed there not only to control the flow of traffic but also to protect those that are on the road.  Obey the signs, and only pull forward when it is safe.


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