Week 6 results and challenge conclusions

We have made our way through six weeks, and now it is time to see how well I did.

Weight: 202 lbs
Measure Point 1: 39.42 inches
Measure Point 2: 38 inches
Measure Point 3: 42.33 inches

Measurements for week 6 (Click to enlarge)

Measurements for week 6 (Click to enlarge)

Week six was a bit irregular. I’ve been sick since Tuesday, so I didn’t get much “exercising” done this week. I put that in quotes since I did move furniture in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday, went golfing on Friday, and planted three trees on Saturday. With all this activity, my weight varied. On Wednesday, I was down to 201 lbs due to the cold, and on Saturday I was up to 203 lbs due to all the water I was consuming over the past two day.

Unfortunately, I did not lose the five pounds I originally set out to do. Going back to my original comment about my weight, I wasn’t sure if the increase in muscle mass would hide the loss in fat. Without a more detailed measurements, it would be difficult for me to verify that. However, I have lost an inch around the stomach and a half inch around the waist. Unfortunately, my backside has remained the same.

The quest to lose those pesky five pounds continues. As such, I am working on the next six-week challenge and will hopefully have it written up for you by next weekend. Until then, the exercises continues.

Best of luck on your exercise programs.


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